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"The foundation of every state is the education of its youth."
Diogenés of Sinópé
Hellenic philosopher

Corporate courses

We offer a wide range of services from language audit, professional specialisation, study materials and immediate lector substitution.

We offer individual or group education according to your needs. The courses take place at your workplace or in our classrooms.

We offer:

Our education methodists will test language level of your employees and divide them into groups according to it.

After consultations with you they will suggest intensity and time of education, set up timetables and thematic plan of education and select the most appropriate materials according to your company focus.

Our lectors carry out continuous testing of students throughout the year and final tests which find out the progress of individual students

We give out course certificate.


Free services for companies:

Language audit

Creation of most appropriate language course

High quality of education and methodological work for reasonable prices

Education plan and methodological support

Suggestion of suitable motivation programme

Evidence of attendance and students‘ progress

Evaluation of students‘ satisfaction

Measurement of costs effectiveness


The cooperation includes free consultancy focusing on the issue of language education of company employees. We will advise you, share our experience in different companies which relate to employees‘ motivation in form of defrayable language education